Dec 25, 2020

Quotes by Vinod Khosla. Helping Startup to find their Way.

Venture Capital terms is not a new terminology, it is old and effective.  VC provides their investee a big runway from where they take a flight to a height from where they can see the whole world, then only they can see the best place which somewhere will be a fertile land for startups to grow their business. 

They provide funds to burn the worries in the early days of operations and teach us how to focus on our aim. I am lucky that I could get some inherent sense of business from well known billionaire Mr Vinod Khosla.  Yesterday one of my friend Gaurrang Govind send me a link which was the artistic quotes by Mr Khosla. These 12 golden lines gave me a ground to think like an entrepreneur and boost my confidence to next level of expertise which further helped me  to become a Co-founder of an Innovative & revolutionary Idea “Kiranaking”. 

We should not limit our thoughts to a particular room. Let it be flown in the open area and grasp maximum information, knowledge.  I am really happy to see the quotes that make my discipline and propel me ahead on this path of growth. Together we (Investor and we) will build a billion-dollar company.

Quotes of Prolific Venture Capital Investor Mr Vinod Khosla is well articulated by Alexander Roznowski. All 12 points are suited to Startups seeking VC Funding. if we go by each quote we will find that all propel us to scale the business significantly and to create Value, thus. Success will automatically create Valuation (Balwant Rana)

     1.      Aim for inconsequential outcomes:

2.      Focus on company building, not deal-making

3.      Do something different.

4.      Seek for unfair advantages

5.      Invest more in people than a specific plan:

6.      Believe will drive you through bad times

7.      Don’t focus solely on the monetary outcome:

8.      Focus more on technology risk than market risk

9.      Compete with yourself

10.   Lower your margins for high growth

11.   Acknowledge that you don’t know everything

12.   Take advice from the right people


Vinod Khosla is one of the most prolific ventures capital investors. Here are some of the best quotes by Vinod Khosla.


1.    Aim for inconsequential outcomes: (Patience)

“It doesn’t matter what your probability of failure is. If there’s a 90% chance of failure, there’s a 10% chance of changing the world.” “Most technology startups fail. There’s a winner, and there’s 7 out of 10 that lose.” “I don’t mind failing, but if I succeed it better be worth succeeding for.” “I have seen too many startups where they have reduced risk to a point where they have a higher probability of succeeding, but if they succeed it is inconsequential.” — Vinod Khosla


2.    Focus on company building, not deal-making ( Value)

“We are in the company building business, not in the ‘deal’ or ‘capital’ business.” “I don’t think of myself as being in the investing business. I think private equity investors are very much in the business of doing deals, putting money in, getting money out. To me, that is a very, very different business and all that they are doing is spreadsheets. I think of myself in a completely different business of building companies. I have not made IRR calculations on a spreadsheet ever since 2004. I either believe or I don’t. If I believe, then my goal is to get involved and make things much bigger and help them be successful. It’s a different kind of business.” — Vinod Khosla


3.    Do something different: (Perfection)

“If you’re doing what everybody else is doing, you’re not doing anything interesting, and we won’t want to invest.” “Doing things at the edge is what venture is about.” “I don’t even invest in businesses where six other people have the same technology.” “The idea is how can you turn a technology advantage into a business advantage? It’s much more like playing a chess game than it is investing. It is strategic, it depends how much you can help the company. Therefore, it is much more fun.” — Vinod Khosla


4.    Seek for unfair advantages: ( Opportunity)

“We seek out unfair advantages: proprietary and protected technological advances, business model innovations, unique partnerships and top-notch teams.” — Vinod Khosla


5.    Invest more in people than a specific plan: (People)

“We invest more in people than in a specific plan, because plans often change.” “Failing quickly is a good way to plan. Failing often makes failures small and successes large….In small failures you accumulate learnings about what works and what doesn’t. Try many experiments but don’t bet your company on just one, keep trying, keep failing small.” “There are probably three or four things you can control out of ten that matter for the success of your company.” Competitors control another three or four. “The rest is just luck.” “I’ve never seen one [business plan] that’s accurate.” — Vinod Khosla


6.    Believe will drive you through bad times: ( Believe)

“Bad times come for every startup — I haven’t seen a single startup that hasn’t gone through a bad time. Entrepreneurship can be very very depressing. If you really believe in your product, you stick with it.” — Vinod Khosla


7.    Don’t focus solely on the monetary outcome: (Scale)

“Seeking an acquisition from the start is more than just bad advice for an entrepreneur. For the entrepreneur it leads to short term tactical decisions rather than company-building decisions and in my view often reduces the probability of success.” — Vinod Khosla


8.    Focus more on technology risk than market risk: (IT driven)

“We prefer technology risk to market risk.” — Vinod Khosla


9.    Compete with yourself:  (Fear )

“How would you compete against yourself?” — Vinod Khosla


10. Lower your margins for high growth: (Growth,GMV )

“I generally disagree with most of the very high margin opportunities. Why? Because it’s a business strategy tradeoff: the lower the margin you take, the faster you grow.” — Vinod Khosla


11. Acknowledge that you don’t know everything: (Execution, Process & System)

“Where most entrepreneurs fail is on the things they don’t know they don’t know.” “Things go wrong. There is lots of uncertainty, and there are times when you’re unsure of yourself. I’ve found that the less people know, the more sure they are.” — Vinod Khosla


12. Take advice from the right people: ( Consult, Advisor)

“The single most important thing an entrepreneur needs to learn is whom to take advice from and on what topic.” “Entrepreneurs could get such great help, but instead they think they need money. It’s this sort of schizophrenic divide between worrying that you’re going out of business and dreaming big that’s needed. Sophisticated entrepreneurs know this. Less sophisticated entrepreneurs don’t even know whom to ask for advice. They’ll ask a marketing and a technology question to the same person. Ask different questions of different people, both those who have been successful and those who haven’t.” — Vinod Khosla

Articulated by : Mr Alexander Roznowski Source:


Be the true follower of a leader like Vinod Khosla, choose your path which led to you towards a grand Success and could create a history where people will follow you like me following him. (……. Bhardari)


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Jaipur, India

Presenter & Decorated by: Balwant Singh Rana, Cofounder & Director – Kirana King


Dec 22, 2020

Why Every Organization Should Have Leaders at Every Level

Sponsored Article for Mr John Eades: 

When things aren’t going a team’s way, it’s easy to point a finger of blame at the market, the products offered, or even one team member. More often than not, a struggling team boils down to ineffective leadership from more than just the person at the top. 

Teams that are highly effective at overcoming adverse conditions are capable of unleashing what I call “leaders at every level.” Unfortunately, this isn’t a light switch that can be turned on at any time. What’s required is a strategy and an intense focus on hiring, developing, and equipping people to choose to lead daily. 

Great companies develop their people to be leaders because every circumstance demands it. 

“Leaders at every level” is not only a reputation in the marketplace for having an elite culture, but it permeates internally as team members are expected to become the leader they are capable of becoming. 

There was a time in the not-so-distant past where every critical decision was left to the CEO or management team. In today’s current rapid change environment, this practice can and will be detrimental to an organization's existence.

The Model is Changing

To retain top talent, organizations have relied on promotions into positions of leadership. While this retention tactic is still in practice, human resource executives and executive leaders are getting wiser. Now, they are not only evaluating leadership skills in their succession planning process, but there is a lot more emphasis on asking people to act like leaders right where they are. This is particularly important since most professionals want their work to have a more meaningful impact. 

Organizations like Extended Stay, Cora Health, Lippert Components, and many more have embraced the idea of developing leaders at every level. While this approach can be time-consuming and more expensive in the short-term, it creates a workforce that is prepared to lead. 

Developing leaders is time-consuming and expensive, but it creates a workforce that is prepared to lead.

Here are a few strategies for creating "leaders at every level" in your organization: 

Create a Culture of Growth and Learning

Leadership, like many things, is a journey and not a destination. Many organizations know this, and they have built internal leadership development academies/universities. These include things like year-long courses, learning tracks, workshops, coaching, and mentoring, just to name a few. However, best companies do this not because it’s a nice thing to do, but because it’s tied to their purpose and mission.

Take Coke Consolidated as an example. Even though they are the largest Coca-Cola Bottler in the United States, they know they exist for a much bigger purpose. Todd Miller, the Vice President of Organizational Capability, said, “We are a purpose-driven company that attracts, engages, and grows a highly talented, diverse workforce of servant leaders enabling Coke Consolidated’s growth and performance.” 

One of my favorite ways Miller and his amazing team do this is by “Rewarding and recognizing teammates driving our culture of growth and learning. This is critical because we all tend to repeat what is rewarded.”

“We tend to repeat what is rewarded”

Thanks to the internet and the massive amount of information available to us, every organization, regardless of their budget, can tap into the unlimited number of opportunities to learn at any time. The best companies and talent development leaders recognize this and are getting creative in creating a culture of learning.  

David Hare and the talent development team at GE Appliances were forced to put in-person training and hold in through the Pandemic. Instead of putting all development on hold, they did the opposite. They created a series called "Rise," which was weekly lunch and learns with internal and external experts. These were optional training opportunities to learn and grow to promote their culture of growth and learning.

Preach and Promote Coachable 

Since the best leaders are learners, being coachable is essential for any leader. More often than not, a person’s ability to say or do something significant is built on the backbone of hard work, dedication, and being coachable.  

What’s interesting about coachability is that it’s not a technical skill or inherent to us. It’s a mental mindset that anyone can embrace. Being coachable means, you proactively seek help and feedback to support your growth and development. 

Being coachable means, you proactively seek help and feedback to support your growth and development. 

Nick Saban, the legendary head football coach at Alabama, constantly preaches to his players and coaches to “respect the critical eye.” This means that instead of getting defensive, embrace when someone is coaching you with a critical eye because they are trying to make you better.  

Organizations that promote coachable and “respect the critical eye” professionals at every level will have more leaders than those who do not because coachable people eventually pour that knowledge into others. It reminds me of the great Sophia Bush quote: “We are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work and progress all at the same time.” 

Focus on Attitudes That Are Energy Giving

One of the most popular questions I get in my LinkedIn or Instagram DM box is, “What do I do if I am a part of a toxic or dysfunctional team?” There are three commonalities for everyone who asks this question - they are on teams with bad attitudes, negative energy, or a bad leader. If an organization wants to develop leaders at every level, they must avoid putting people in leadership positions who have bad attitudes, spread negative energy, or tolerate constant pessimism.  

If you leave bad leaders in positions of leadership, this is what is going to happen.

Organizations must continuously identify and highlight relentlessly positive professionals. In an interview with Jacob Morgan for The Future of Work Newsletter, ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott said, “Never underestimate the power of relentless optimism. Challenges create opportunity. We must think boldly and create the solution others view as possible.”

If you want to create leaders at every level, having relentlessly optimistic professionals is a great place to start. 


It would be amazing if having “leaders at every level” were as easy as turning on a lightswitch. But when you think about all the work, effort, and dedication it took and continues to take for that light switch to turn on the lights, it proves there is nothing easy about it.  

However, if companies both have the desire and commitment to developing leaders, great things happen. Frontline employees provide a better experience to customers, managers will have healthier teams, and moms and dads will have a stronger family structure outside of work.

Best written by Mr John Eades

Dt. 22.12.2020

Nov 10, 2020

Online Grocery Shopping - A big Threat to Kirana Stores

Customer Delight  

India is witnessing a paradigm shift in Grocery Retail from offline (physical)  to online and even to omnichannel. Changes are the need of the hours. A big ocean of retail has a size of USD 1.2 Trillion market, of which 60% is Grocery and Staples.

Online Grocery Market in India was growing in single digits from 2012. During the nascent stage, amid slow penetration of the internet made it less useful. However, since then there was no much development. Till 2017 online E-comm was struggling around 3% of total retail. Projections made in 7% for 2021-22 but Covid has made some unpredictable changes in the preference. 

In view of various factors (given in the above figure) which were taken into consideration, I have something to predict in its future. 

The online Grocery market both in B2B and B2C is going aggressive. Thanks to the startup ecosystem which has given the opportunity to new entrepreneurs to work on new ideas and best use of technology. Startups like UdaanJumbotailMaxwholesaleKirana King, ShopKirana, and now Swiggy and Dunzo are giving shape to the online experience to the retailers. Though they are burning in a big way to get the space, soon it will be part of the business. Here the issue is to cater hyper-local and last-mile connectivity. Consumers do not mind buying online from their nearby store. The only thing is the matter of convenience that will be more focused on B2C players i.e. in nutshell, Customer Delight shall remain the key that will unlock shifting from offline to online.  

B2B retailers are the mid-level accelerator who are connecting the last dot so all are trying to influence them to be part of this ecosystem. Even food delivery startup Swiggy is connecting local kiranawala's for an online grocery experience, however, it is hard to serve in real terms but everyone is focusing on retailers. 

Post-Covid we have seen a sudden change in customer preference where consumer prefers to shop their grocery need from online. Before Deciding to buy consumers can compare pricing, offers & Promotions across online applications. This will help to make their mind to choose a platform for placing an order. 

Buying grocery from online remains a challenge but slowly-2 consumers are adapting to online systems, convenience shall accelerate them to move online. Still, consumers need a great mindset to shift from physical to online. Foreign retailers like Amazon already working on AI which will help to buy patterns of consumers. They want to work even on the daily needs of their consumers, based on buying habits technology shall provide an instant wish list. 

There would be double-digit growth in E-commerce after 2025, the prediction would be 15% from the current level of 3%, almost five times.  Online Grocery shopping would have a big spare of USD 60 bn after 2025  out of the Total online grocery market of USD 125bn.  These are predictions, but the way customer preference is changing,  I am sure the market will touch these figures easily. 

More or less if consumers shift to online shopping, definitely effect would worsen for offline stores in the country. So, instead of protest against online players, we should start working closely on the ground and should associate Kirana retailers with us so that we can be the fast mover and near to consumer for any service which can provide customer delight. 

Quest of Convenience is the main driver, driving Grocery buying online. 

Writer: Balwant Singh Rana

Oct 14, 2020

a Covid Patient

Covid is not the deadliest ever disease in this world but the way it succeeds in locked the complete world shows that it has the power to make the whole world under arrest. 

Developed countries like the US, Italy, France, Germany, and other European countries and countries in the Gulf had to bow in front of an unseen virus. This is the power of nature which always trying to tell us to know it from all angle from all prospects but human a greedy creature always has selfishness. 

More than 1 mn people died from this virus. After a Continue lockdown in countries Like India, things went against our economic growth. And lastly, Govt. decided to open country for the movement, for the growth. People will be on their employment, business as usual and will be affected by Covid.  They will be asked to go for tests and upon getting positive reports they have to stay at home as self-quarantine because they don't have the second choice like to get admission to any Private Hospital at the cost of Govt. We, Lily, don't have such facilities as well as a privilege as a common man. 

If we are infected by a deadly virus we will be the sufferer. Because when a patient stays at his home and his family takes care of him he can not be at a curing side because he always thinks about this family that his disease will also get them affected that's why using "we".

This is an external arrangement which we can ask our Govt and we should be for this after all we are paying millions of Rupees as Tax. So why we are not taken care of by the Govt at this time. 

I got a few symptoms on 7th October 2020. I was on duty that day.  having a mild cough and fever. Around 6 pm when I went to the room of my one colleague, he asked me not to come inside the room as I have a cough. It is a general phenomenon so no matter of ego that will hurt from either side. 

My colleague, my friend is asking this to me. It is okay, I didn't enter his room and came back home in the evening. 

The next day one of my colleagues request me to undergo a test for Covid and finally, he came to pick me from my home. We went Dr B Lal path lab in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, and got tested.

On the evening of 9th October, I got a message from the Lab that my report is prepared and I can download it from their portal. Yes, until I saw my report there was a fear inside that if I will have a positive report then how it will be. Anyhow, I opened it and as expected it was "Positive"

For a moment a few drops of sweat were trembling on my forehead but later on, it was a routine. I went to Dr Satish Chandra Mathur, one of the famous physicians in Vasundra Colony, Jaipur. I told him that I am a Covid patient. Very Gently I was attended by him like a normal patient, though he was wearing a mask, shield as a protector but from his mind and style, there was no hatred for Covid patient. Such kind heart doctors are the backbone of our medical facilities here. The way he attends every patient, I have a special regard for him in my heart. He is now like a family doctor for us. God bless him with a healthy long life. 

He gave me few medicines and asked me to stay at home. Also asked to follow the following few things.

1. Every 4-hour check oxygen level. For this one of my office colleagues gave me an oximeter. 

2. Check temperature from thermometer every two hours.

3. Check glucose levels after 2 hours of every meal.

4. Take proper gargle with lukewarm water and mix a teaspoon salt. 

5. Take steam every four hours.

6. Take proper rest, liquid diet, and drink coconut water at least 4 pcs in a day. 

All the above measurements and efforts were to control the Coronavirus outside the throat. It should not enter the lungs. 

I got tested on 9th October and waiting for that MCD or health department team shall visit my house, stick a bill on the outside wall that this house has a patient who is affected by the deadliest virus but they didn't come. 

Every day thousands of people are getting positive so I understand how they will manage such a task going to each house of infected. 

But, all of a sudden after news broke out in the colony that Mr. Rana is infected by the Corona. I can smell the change in the behavior of my neighbors. 

They start talking that now Corona came to our society and he is the culprit who brought this to our colony.  But, for their best of knowledge and As a responsible citizen, I kept myself isolated in my home. I have three BHK room set so having no issue of managing self-isolation and for that, I have confidence that I am not touching anything in the home which cause spread of the virus to my family. 

I can smell the hatred behavior. I belong to Uttarakhand where we are taught by social values that we should serve a man when he is in any life-threatening situation and he need help from people for saving his life. Even if one has to clean the shit of a cholera patient, he will do it without any selfishness and thinking of his life but why so isolation of thoughts is here in Jaipur. 

Yesterday I was just walking on the terrace of my home. The uncle who is living just adjoining to my rented home was also walking as usual on his terrace. As my habit, I tried to communicate with him and said hello, he immediately went off from the sight. I was shocked to see that. 

I was expecting that people will ask my wife about my health and will ask if needed anything as my wife and kids were also not going out since my covid test. So how daily needs will be arranged. There were no relatives who can ask for their help.

Here in India, we heard many times that neighbors are true friends because they come first if we are in any need or we are in any trouble. 

The behavior of my Jaipur neighbors was completely unexpected.  Finally, without caring for them I asked my wife and kids to go to the market and continue their routine as usual. 

Such behavior is not tolerable in society but this is not in Delhi. I have my parental house in Delhi. before moving to Jaipur in 2014 I was living there. People in Delhi are caring. My Delhi neighbors asked every day about my health and they are also ordering juice, fruits, and other households through Amazon despite I refused them that all we have need to be worrying and ordering things from Delhi.

When I saw Uncle's such behavior, it forced me to think that Coronavirus is so powerful which can travel through voice or is in the Air that rather of asking my wellbeing he escaped like a horne from horse's head? 

This kind of mindset is not fitted by social values. Also, these are not part of our society that we should show such inhuman behavior to your near and dear, our neighbors and friends who are infected with this virus. Then who is making these people so senseless:

Did anyone ever try to know?

If not, here are the culprits

1. Facebook as social media. 

2. Twitter

3. Other social sites 

4. Youtube

People have freedom of expression so they come up with their ideas, like falsification of ideas. they make videos and upload on Youtube and Facebook and to other social sites where they can attract millions. People need likes, reactions, and comments. A kind of sick game is going on in the air. 

Everyone WhatsApp msg are taking a kind of decisive shape and is the fastest-growing communication media and every admin of each group is like a superior authority and spreading Gyan Ganga without considering its impact on societies.

Pandemic is not a ruin but is a reason for enjoyment for some and creating comic out of it making them star, but such freedom of expression will be the big curse for our society. 

Govt should take some strict action against people who are making an unauthorized claim for curing Covid and also should take action against those who are misusing freedom of expression.

My appeal to readers not to be part of any hatred for Covid patients and tried to help if you find any poor fellows struggling from Covid.

Covid is like the flu, every flu has a limited life, so we as a man should understand this equation and should undergo cure as per the best advice of doctors. In 15 days we will be out of danger and will flow the flu as a normal cold.

From my experience, I would request that if you are observing or feeling any of the symptoms like Fever, cough, sore throat, loose motion, body pain, change in taste or smell then go for a test. If it comes positive don't worry take medicines as per your doctor's advice and keep you isolate in your home. No need to worry.  

Get well soon, respect covid patients they are worrier, fighting with the powerful unseen virus.


Writer: Balwant Singh Rana

Oct 7, 2020

Ye Deewali Layegi Khushhaali

It has been observed that Corona is making general people's life miserable, however, there is movement but a kind of fear is spreading and somewhere deepen in our heart that we are the next target. Here in Jaipur, the situation is not so good but I must say that people have the courage and they want to fight this miserable disease. " Movement of peoples is moving money in the economy that's why the movement is a must"

I am into a retail business, we deal with more than 1700+ retailers in the city. More or less market is covering from a long lockdown and things seem to settle in a smooth way. If we talk about consumer behaviour no doubt it changed a lot. 20% of consumers diverted their Kirana needs to online portals. Amid COVID situation, things went in favour of eB2C marketplaces. The entry of Jiomart was in the right time or, it is like "someone's failure proves lucky for the other". 

Almost all E-com players are getting good response. Amazon & Flipkart are the major ecom-marketplace where more love is seen from end consumers. they are getting plenty of orders on daily basis, also such a positive response is giving them great oxygen for new expansion in the country. On the order side, at General Kirana stores  (GT) footfall is for main staples, and somewhere people avoiding physical movements.  

But for me, my concern is " Kirana Retailer" because they are losing their share of business due to undue influence of E-Comm players. Kirana retailers are losing 20-30% of their counter Sale since August 2020. The overall scenario is not favorable, in the last one month there is no big offtake even for main staples, FMCG brands are also in an indifference mood but they are trying to fill the inventory amid the upcoming festival season, the still current situation of the spread of COVID is making a kind of dilemma about demand-side whether it will pick up or not in months to come. 

If we talk about consumer's preferences they are not in a mood to express their emotions but are  in great dilemma for this Deepawali not because of safety but financials matters. 

Why there is a doubt on the demand side?   When a consumer is badly hit by the Pandemic where they have lost their jobs, small businesses got shut down and still, thousands of manufacturing units are waiting for production, Opex is making them bankrupt, so how we can think that there will be positive vibes for this festival.  

If the circulation of money is interrupted then what about demand from consumers, The consumer at this time not spending on splendid things but they are trying to save money for the future.  People have seen a tough time in the last 5 months where most of them have to borrow money from friends/family and taken loans just to make sure that their livelihood goes continue but we are just thinking of upper-middle class and high-class income group, what about the rest , the majority.  We are happy that Kirana /Grocery business remains fruitful during the lockdown time but what happens with other industries. The garment industry is the worst hit where millions of peoples lost their jobs, the same had happened with consumer durables.  

If we are talking just to make ourselves happy that the festival is going to celebrate in a big way,  I am happy if this will happen but still, pain is there in the ecosystem.  I should be with the majority of people and should say be positive and go empty stomach but celebrate Deepawali buy gift hampers and help companies selling their products and help restoring production. We need to give a big boost to industrial growth. 

Just have a look at the current COVID spread in the country : 

Maharashtra (1,453,653)

Andhra Pradesh (723,512)

Karnataka (647,712)

Tamil Nadu (625,391)

Uttar Pradesh (417,437)

above 5 states are the majorly hit by the COVID...   

As per business standards,  1 in 10 may be infected by this deadly virus

Resilience from COVID is good but it will take a longer time to get rid of psychological stress from the mind. 

Deepawali festival is 40 days ahead from now but the market is dull in all respects amid fear of low demand.  This is creating an undecisive event at the companies' level as they always celebrate this festival by introducing various gift hampers & Sweets etc.  National level companies Nestle, Amul, Haldiram & Kanha are as usual trying to make up the mood for a cheerful Deepawali and as usual, they are going to fill the market with their festival range but they start getting demand issues from distributors and other supply channels. 

This time they have to give extra comfort to their distributors for giving credit in terms of reverse logistics if demand is not picked up in the up-coming 30 days.  Dealers are paying cash to companies against procurements but distributors are selling on credit to retailers.  If demand is not there for such products then it should return to companies. After a discussion with brands, they are ready to cooperate with distributors in case of any adverse situation. 

The same issue is with local & regional confectionery companies as they are not in a position to predict demand but I am happy to hear that demand surged for confectionary products during the COVID period. but after discussion with few brands, hope is there that the market will have show some positive demand in the coming days. 

Today I was talking to Mr. Puneet Jethlia, Director of Kanha Group. ((, Kanha brand is one of the trusted in Confectionary in Rajasthan) through a virtual interview. Mr Puneet said COVID brings an opportunity for them in terms of exhibiting their products range to consumers and helping them to strengthen their supply chain in Packed products as huge demand is there for the packed food


(Mr Puneet Jethalia, Director, Kanha Group, Jaipur)  ( A brief of virtual interview) 

·        Q: How “Kanha” is going to strengthen its supply chain in the up-coming festival season?

R: We are appointing new distributors and Super Stockist in our region to increase the reach. Trying to deliver through our own vehicles as quantity would be in bulk to shorten the transport cycle.

Q: COVID is spreading fast in the country. Do you think it will hamper Food retail to some extend? Especially specialty food like confectionary & supplementary Food?

R: Surprisingly COVID has resulted in growth in confectionery and supplementary food sales. Since people were caught in their homes so the consumption increased. Also nowadays people are preferring packed food in comparison with the fresh one due to hygiene and safety so I think it is a good time for us.

Q. How much enthusiastic you are for the upcoming festival? Do you think demand will be there as per the pre COVID level?  If yes how it will? and if not, why?

R: Seriously the demand won’t be like pre-COVID levels but yes the trend would change. Pre-packed commodities like tin sweets, prepacked sweets would likely to increase rather than fresh sweets. So I would say people are more health-conscious and preferring packed foods.

Q. As a Confectionary leader in the state how you deal with upcoming Demand? Is it decisive for you to project the demand or there is any dilemma amid COVID Spread?

R: Demand is fluctuating as of now. But since we have short shelf-life products we face little issues in projection. But yes after lockdown the demand has come down a little bit.


I am positive on this side of the coin that customer preference is more for healthy products, they are preferring to buy packed food and no doubt consumption of confectionary increased. 

however, mix and match the situation will go till 20th October 2020, things will move upon the market's move on this but the supply chain will remain an issue till the festivals.  

This is a big Dilemma for all stakeholders but we have to come out from such a dilemma and should work cohesively to bring many positive vibes in the country. 

As a marketer and retail professionals, I am confident that things will improve and people, as usual, shall celebrate this great festival. Confidence of business people like Mr. Puneet helps me to align my thoughts in a positive direction and hope this festival will bring lots of happiness and business for all stakeholders.  

Readers, please provide your feedback and let's start brainstorming through comments,  it is a matter of our belief and our economy.  We all need to work to make it recharge and set towards growth. 

Writer: Balwant Singh Rana, 

Reference: Business 

Oct 5, 2020

Mission : Mera-Mobile-Mera-Marketing (Connecting Rural Market)

MeraMobileMeraMarketing  ( Connecting Rural market)


isruption, a kind name of development in a positive way of doing business which solves the problem at a large level and brings prosperity in the life of focus customers. Post-COVID there are big changes going on in the retail sector, especially food segment came with new energy and ideas. Companies started working on products and developments in every sector. The retail sector is going more responsive in terms of new developments.  IT is the driver of new ideas where new startups are trying to fill the gap, getting investments and burning heavily to get the space.  As per my own thoughts, Indian Agri sector needs more developments and various treatment also should bring IT-driven solutions to work on the farmer’s problems.

Mrs Pragati Gokhle, the ex-Govt official is closely working to bring IT-enabled platform for farmers. Here is a brief about her initiative.  In a separate blog post, I will bring some insides of this startup through a virtual interview of Mrs Pragati.

As per her request I am publishing story of  Mera Mobile mera marketing. 


n Initiative for Indian Farmers/Rural Entrepreneurs to Sell Products Online free by Pragati Gokhale. Big Brands are also showing interest to join Mission MeraMobileMeraMarketing for procuring directly through Farmers

Pragati Gokhale, an Advisor at Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission, Govt. of Maharashtra was very excited when speaking to us saying her humble initiative has finally started seeing results.

She was sharing the fact that Brands like Big basket and Reliance Retail has also shown interest to procure for their requirements through which is an integral part of Mission MeraMobileMeraMarketing. She expects that would establish very good online linkages for our farmers for free of cost. Mission MeraMobileMeraMarketing is a disruptive bottom-up approach for enabling Digital Agro/Rural Marketing from Rural Stakeholders through their mobiles.

Pragati Gokhale is the retired Dy. Director Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization, National Institute under Ministry of MSME Govt. of India and is currently working as Advisor Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission, she is also National Resource The person for the ministry of Rural Development Govt. of India and Brain Behind Mission MeraMobileMeraMarketing.

Pragati Gokhale becomes eloquent when she speaks about her innovative yet free online digital platform for farmers not only for farmers but also for rural/agro entrepreneurs. She says she started this initiative four years ago with the help of MKCL to allow farmers to think beyond the usual concept of selling to consumers digitally.

Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission Chairman Dr Anil Kakodkar and MKCL Director Vivek Sawant has extended all help to her. During Days of COVID 19, Pandemic Farmers & Rural Entrepreneurs were finding it hard to sell their products but   Mission MeraMobileMeraMarketing through platform  was of great help to them in finding online customers for their products and establishing direct linkages. Looking at the impact Department of Science & Technology Govt. of India has included it in Post COVID Reforms Policy

She goes on to explain that for getting real benefits of Digital Revolution at the bottom of the pyramid it is essential to have such holistic integrated programs.

MISSION MeraMobileMeraMarketing has four components out of which is an Agile, indigenous, responsive Web portal highlighting all rural/agro categories for Free digital marketing of rural Products/Agro Products, SHG products, Rural Services and Rural Jobs. This portal is mobile friendly like the app but does not need downloading like APP. It is developed using Latest Progressive Web Technologies. Various field level programs are taken for skilling farmers for using effectively using their mobiles with support from various Govt, Non-Govt players working in Rural Development Sector. Videos on how to use for your zero budget digital Agro Marketing is also prepared by MKCL in Hindi and distributed to farmers through WhatsApp. Video is available on YouTube at (

NABARD has arranged various pieces of training for Farmers /Farmer Producer Organizations were also this Video on how to to use is disseminated. This also is disseminated through Krishi Vigyan Kendras  & Community Radios all over India.

To find Buyers for agro/rural products various online/ offline strategies which include Data Mining and AI techniques, Leveraging Social Media channels, Networking through Agro Supply Chain events are taken up. Big Buyers and Small traders, exporters are linking directly with farmers through this platform. Analysis of Data generated is done by using Open Source Business Intelligence tools and these data Analytics values are then back streamed in the database of portal The analysis Shows Growing demand for organic and residue Free Agro Products from Both B2B and B2C Customers. More than 15000 Farmers & other Rural Stakeholders are taking advantage of for finding buy, sell leads for them Free and also for Job Leads.

Apart from increasing digital footprint of Rural India more than 60 % direct market leads are generated for Agro/Rural Sector by this free but effective humble effort.

Great Initiative 


From Blogger's Desk: Political ground for farmer's development is full of greed since independence but seen no real beneficiary changes on the ground.  They are still poor and exploited by the traders and even political parties. But, there are organizations and people like Mrs Gokhale who are there to bring positive Disruption in the life of the poor farmers through providing an IT-based platform from where they can easily sell their produce. We should be part of such development and should appreciate the efforts made by people like Mrs Gokhale. I request my readers to become part of this movement and help Mrs Pragati Gokhale to promote their platform to maximum farmers, traders across the country. 

Readers may directly contact to Mrs Pragati Gokhale -  email: ,Mobile no. 9822719618

Thanks/ Balwant Singh Rana, blog writer & owner of


Disclaimer :

Above write-up is provided by Mrs Pragati Gokhale,  advisor Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission (Govt. of Maharashtra) & DST. I, writer of this blog has no commercial interest publishing this post. for any Copywriter, text, business issue, one can directly contact to Mrs Pragati Gokhale at above mentioned her contact details. 


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